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The Think Orphan podcast is hosted by Kelly Stewart, Social Worker and adoptive mom, and Philip Darke, President of Providence World and co-author of In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence. Each week, they discuss the difficult issues and hot topics involved in the global orphan crisis with leading voices from around the world, such as Jedd Medefind, Rick Morton, and Peter Greer. From poverty alleviation and family strengthening, to best practices in caring for orphaned and abandoned children, to human trafficking and mentoring, Phil and Kelly will work with you to navigate the issues that affect millions of children and families all over the world
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Jul 19, 2016

In Episode 16, you will hear from three filmmakers, Brittany DeVries, Samuel Rich, and David Bolt, about their films, which advocate for orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. For full show notes, please visit:

Jul 12, 2016

In Part 2 of this two-part Episode, Daniel Kaggwa, Pastor of Sign of the Dove Church in Kampala, Uganda, joins Phil and Kelly to share how his story has informed the work his ministry is doing in Uganda and around the world. For full show notes, please visit

Jun 28, 2016

In this Episode, Ashlie Bryant, Co-Founder and President of 3 Stands Global, joins Phil and Kelly to discuss issues surrounding human trafficking, prevention and educational initiatives. For Full show notes, please visit

Jun 21, 2016

In this episode, we hear from John Sowers, President of The Mentoring Project, as well as an author and speaker. We talk about the effects of fatherlessness on our society and the influence of mentoring on the lives of children.  He is a powerful advocate for the fatherless and redeeming their story through mentoring.

In this week’s episode, you will discover:

  • The need for showing up in the lives of children
  • The impact of fatherlessness
  • The power of a mentor
  • The idea of carrying your weight
  • The role of discipling and leading men to end the orphan crisis
  • The hiddenness of the fatherless
  • The Impact of women on fatherlessness
  • Core values in mentoring

For full show notes, please visit

Jun 14, 2016

In this episode, we hear from Rick Morton, an author and Vice President of Engagement at Lifeline Christian Services. Rick shepherds the ministry’s outreach to individual, church, and organizational ministry partners as well as the ministry’s commitment to publishing resources that aid families and churches in discipling orphans and vulnerable children.  We talk through the theology of adoption and the role of the church in orphan care around the world.

In this week’s episode, you will discover:

  • Discipleship in orphan care
  • The struggles foster and adoptive parents face and how the church needs to respond
  • The theology of caring for the orphan
  • Collaboration as a reflection of the Body of Christ
  • How to mobilize the church to face the orphan crisis

For full show notes, please visit

Jun 7, 2016

In today’s episode, we get to hear from Mick Pease, the founder of Substitute Families for Abandoned Children (, which is based in Leeds, England, and works worldwide promoting de-institutionalization and assisting in family based initiatives.

In this episode you will learn about:  

  • The difference between orphaned and abandoned children
  • Family based care versus institutional care
  • Managing donor resources
  • Community resourcing to prevent orphans
  • The generational mindset towards abandoned children

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May 31, 2016

In this episode, we hear from Craig Greenfield, founder and international director of Alongsiders and author of Subversive Jesus. Craig is living out the upside down nature of the Kingdom of God by living amongst and serving in some of the poorest communities in Cambodia and Canada.

In this week’s episode, you will discover:

  • Craig’s New Book, Subversive Jesus and the background of the title
  • Craig’s story of living in the slums of Cambodia and the inner city of Vancouver
  • The practice of exclusivity to be inclusive
  • How his family practices radical hospitality
  • Insiders leaving the charge in cross cultural work
  • Alongsider’s Academy
  • Resourcing to keep children in their communities
  • The need for mother and father figures

For show notes, please visit

May 17, 2016

In Episode 7, Johnston Moore, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Home Forever, speaks with us about the need for permanency for children in foster care, the role of family preservation, the issues in foster care and assisting children aging out of the system. For show notes, please visit

May 17, 2016

Special Episode with Johnston Moore, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Home Forever, on the specifics of ICWA and the Lexi Case. For show notes, please visit

May 10, 2016

We had a chance to hear from Rebecca Nhep and were astounded at the depth of understanding she shared with us in regards to the orphan crisis around the world.

Rebecca Nhep is the Joint CEO and Head of International Programs at ACC International. Rebecca runs the ACCI Kinnected program, which focuses on upholding children’s right to a family through deinstitutionalization, family based care and family preservation. Rebecca has been working with ACCIR for 16 years, 11 years field based in Cambodia working on community and family & community strengthening and family-based alternative care programs. Rebecca serves on the board of Children in Families, a Cambodian NGO providing family-based alternative care. For show notes, please visit


May 3, 2016

In Episode 5, Chris Marlow, Founder and CEO of Help One Now, joins Phil and Kelly to discuss empowering high-capacity national leaders, poverty alleviation, family strengthening, and his new book, Doing Good is Simple. For show notes, please visit

Apr 26, 2016

In Episode 4, Todd Guckenberger, Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries, joins Phil and Kelly to discuss issues surrounding orphanages, mission trips, and a 5-Point Development Plan for every child in B2B’s care. For show notes, please visit

Apr 19, 2016

In Episode 3, Phil and Kelly discuss micro-enterprise and poverty alleviation with Peter Greer, President of HOPE International, and how breaking the cycle of poverty preserves, strengthens families, and prevents children from becoming orphans. For show notes, please visit 

Apr 12, 2016

In Episode 2, Jedd Medefind, President of Christian Alliance for Orphans, joins us to discuss the current landscape of the orphan care crisis, the importance of clarity in caring for children, and the different stages of advocacy. Jedd and CAFO are leading a movement to unite churches and organizations and equip them for the effective care of orphans around the world.

For show notes, please visit 

Apr 5, 2016

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 1 of the Think Orphan podcast. In this episode, Philip Darke and Kelly Stewart define the Who, What, and How of Think Orphan. This week they introduce the topics they will be covering in coming episodes and what led them to their involvement in the global orphan crisis. Phil and Kelly also highlight some upcoming guests, as well as some resources that have influenced their respective journeys toward orphan care.  Welcome to Think Orphan!

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