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The Think Orphan podcast is hosted by Kelly Stewart, Social Worker and adoptive mom, and Philip Darke, President of Providence World and co-author of In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence. Each week, they discuss the difficult issues and hot topics involved in the global orphan crisis with leading voices from around the world, such as Jedd Medefind, Rick Morton, and Peter Greer. From poverty alleviation and family strengthening, to best practices in caring for orphaned and abandoned children, to human trafficking and mentoring, Phil and Kelly will work with you to navigate the issues that affect millions of children and families all over the world
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Mar 28, 2017

In Episode 46, you will hear from Michael Miller, Producer of Poverty, Inc., and Poverty Cure, and Research Fellow and Director of Acton Media at the Acton Institute. For full show notes, please visit 

Mar 21, 2017

In Episode 3, we talk about micro-enterprise and poverty alleviation with Peter Greer, President of HOPE International, and how breaking the cycle of poverty preserves, strengthens families, and prevents children from becoming orphans. For full show notes, please visit

Mar 14, 2017

In Episode 44, you will hear some of our favorite moments from Season 2, during which our guests talked with us about many topics, including:

  • The importance of fathers in the lives of kids from hard places and every other child in the world
  • Great advice to adoptive and foster parents, adoptees, prospective adoptive or foster parents, and everybody who love any of these people or wants to know how they can better love orphaned and at-risk children (so pretty much everyone)
  • How to really connect with kids from hard places, whether biological children, adopted children, or other children in our lives
  • Orphanages, short-term missions, deinstitutionalization, human trafficking, orphan prevention, family preservation, maternal care, addressing the effects of trauma, and other hot topics in orphan care
  • How we can really communicate and work with each other when it seems that we are so far apart in our beliefs and convictions
  • How we can effectively engage in all the suffering and injustice in our world
  • How all of these issues are interconnected and need to be addressed in concert with each other

For full show notes, please visit

Mar 7, 2017

[ This episode is a recast from October 11th, 2016 ]

In today's episode, you will hear wisdom from Dr. Mandy Howard, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Samford University, who worked with Dr. Karyn Purvis at the TCU Institute of Child Development for several years. For full show notes, please visit